Saturday, June 4, 2011

Adventures in Dating

I hadn't had much experience dating before 2009. I had boyfriends, but never really went on "dates." But then I had my "big break up" and decided to just go for it. And I jumped in head first.

I joined a dating site. I was a member for about a year and went on tons of dates. There were occasional follow-up dates, but for the most part, no one stuck. But I got a lot of great stories out of it. Back when I was dating, I considered starting a blog just to talk about the absurd situations I ended up in, and to talk about all of the odd boys I dated. There was Angry Guy, Smelly Guy, Jaws, Young Guy, the Lawyer, Father-of-twins, Pedo-biker, the Republican, Stalker Guy, Wrestler Guy, Pirate Guy, African Guy, Marriage Guy, Soccer Guy... You get the idea.

My point in writing this is that when Steve and I had our troubles, the first thought I had after he hung up was "omg I DO NOT think I handle dating again!" It was that bad.


  1. Haydia!! I'm sorry about your recent break up. I'm somewhat in the same place, but it's been much longer since mine.

    I think dating stories will help a lot of people, so share. Definitely share :)

    I'm sort of addicted to blogs so thanks for starting one.

  2. Thanks DeeDee! You are the fifth person to request dating stories. They will be coming soon! :)